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New official Moodle app in beta phase

28 May 2013
What is more exciting than the release of Moodle 2.5 this month is that the Moodle HQ released the free beta version of a new and improved official Moodle app for iTunes and Android markets. The application is based on HTML5 specifications and is truly platform independent. What makes this app so significant is that it aims not simply to replicate the Moodle website with a mobile theme, but rather to improve user experience by enhancing the mobile viewability and navigation of Moodle features, such as messaging, notifications and access to offline content.

This version allows for more interaction of Moodle in the app itself, than in the previous version, where you were still directed to the browser when accessing courses. It is extremely fluid and very easy to navigate. The founder of, Martin Dougiamas, says that this is the way that Moodle will navigate in future (both on mobile and desktop type devices).

As this app is still in the beta phase, we highly recommend that you should test it and supply feedback to Moodle HQ , as they will consider all recommendations for implementation and improvements.

If your Moodle implementation does not have web services activated, then please view the following site through the app for testing:
We have found this app to be quite impressive and are eagerly awaiting its final release.