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Recent DHET and SciELO SA communication clarified regarding removal of accredited journals from the DHET list.

7 March 2019
On 4 February 2019, an email was sent from the Department of Higher Education (DHET) stating that some of the journals that were listed on the DHET SA list have been removed as they already appear on approved DHET indices. This action primarily affected journals that had previously appeared on the SCIELO index. 

‘From this year, 2019, and as with all journals appearing in international indices, the DHET list will no longer contain journals appearing in SciELO SA. As an approved index for purposes of research subsidy claims by the DHET, and among Scopus, ISI, IBSS and the Norwegian List, journals whose seat of publication is in South Africa will be removed from the DHET List if and when they appear in SciELO SA. These steps are in line with all other South African journals appearing in other international indices that are approved by the DHET’.

There was confusion with regards to this email, and concerns were raised that the affected journals have lost their accreditation. In response, SciELO SA sent out an email dated 6 February 2019 clarifying the statement and reassuring everyone that those journals are still accredited as SciELO SA is ‘an approved index for purposes or research and subsidy claims by the DHET’.

View the email here: []

The following journals have been moved from the DHET SA list to their approved index list: 
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