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Moodle LMS One-Day Intro Workshops. Streamed live at AOSIS eLearning
Are you an educator wanting to understand the basics of the Moodle LMS? Not convinced about Moodle as your LMS? Then join our introduction to Moodle workshop, either remotely or physically. Choose from scheduled workshop dates.
Call for Papers: South African Journal of Industrial Psychology (SAJIP) Special Issue 2019
Submissions deadline: 20 March 2019.​ Within a South African context, mental health research appears to be fragmented, yet there is an acknowledgement of its importance and the role of a sustained empirical focus on this issue. Notably, there is an absence of empirical attention on understanding mental health within the confines of the African organisation. 
eCPD Partner One Day Workshop: Outlook Productivity Essentials
Join an intensive and interactive hands-on-the-keyboard one day workshop to help you increase your personal productivity. 
Upcoming Release: Productivity Breakthrough eCPD Personal Online Course
eCPD is launching its first personal development course soon. The aim of this online course is to provide you with a practical, principle-based methodology to achieve improved productivity, happiness and fulfillment in all areas of your life.
Moodle LMS Introduction Course by AOSIS eLearning on 30 Nov 2018
This course [buy tickets here] is for people with little or no experience of the Moodle LMS. It gives a good overview of the system without going into the amount of detail needed by those who administer the system or create courses on the platform. We have more advanced courses available for them!
The new Journal of Local Government Research and Innovation (JOLGRI) is open for submissions
AOSIS is pleased to announce that the new Journal of Local Government Research and Innovation (JOLGRI) have joined our open access journal collection and is open for submissions.